Harvard Science Pub #17 - Empowering Patients through Lifestyle Medicine: The Science of Everyday Health

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Join the Harvard Club of Southern California and Columbia SoCal for a talk on evidence based wellness. Dr. John McHugh MD '88CC will delve into the scientific basis for choices we make every day that can add years to your life, and, even better, life to your years.

Despite the ever increasing cost of healthcare, for the first time in history, American’s life expectancy is falling, not rising. The COVID 19 pandemic has exposed the poor metabolic health of our nation,  in large part due to the choices we make every day: what we eat, when we sleep and how we work. Medical technology has made tremendous advances but the foundation of wellness has been ignored in ever shorter physician visits and a focus on pills and procedures. Patients looking outside of traditional health care are met with a dizzying array of options, but sorting the truly beneficial from the worthless and potentially harmful information online requires more scientific scrutiny than many consumers use. Medical advances in understanding our metabolism, and the impact of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress can empower each of us with practical tools to extend our healthspan, adding years of optimal health.

About the speaker:
John McHugh, MD
BA, Chemistry, Columbia College '88
MD Harvard Medical School
MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology '95
Fellow, American College of Ob-Gyn Diplomate, The American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

September 27, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4pm

Online - Zoom call


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