Columbia SoCal Leadership


  • President: Courtney Wilkins '07CC
  • Executive Vice President: Minkyung Kim '07TC
  • Treasurer: Anthony Agoni '84EN, '89BUS
  • Corporate Secretary: Margaret Traub '88CC

Board of Directors

Joshua Berman '95GS, '95JTS
Jaya Boppana '07BUS
Rick Brous '58CC, '60BUS
Emily L. Burg '96BC
Russell Glazer '88CC
Edward Hoffman '87CC
Gia Honnen-Weisdorn '95LAW (LLM)
Arun Kalyanasundaram '18GSB
Jacki Bryk Karsh '13CC, '14JRN
Cliff Massey '10CC
James Pak '09BUS
James Stone '90CC, '96BUS

Past Club Presidents

Emily L. Burg '96BC (2020-2021)
James Pak '09BUS (2019)
Ambareen Naqvi '13SIPA (2017-2018)
Anne Kim '06GSAS (2016-2017)
Ed Hoffman '87CC (2002-03, 2006, 2015)
Joshua Berman '95GS, '95JTS (2010-13)
Anthony Agoni '84EN, '89BUS (2007-09)
Dr. Mel Schrier (2004-2005)
Herb Rose (2000-2001)
Thea Geller Wyse (1998-1999)
Andrew Wang
Stuart Kricun '78CC (1991-1994)
Howard Gould
Joan Wilson
Joe Fontana
Winifred Hesigner

As of 1/24/22. Please note that this list is incomplete.

Alumni Medalists

Columbia Alumni Medalists are recognized for building Columbia's community—whether regionally, online, in specific Schools, or in cross-campus initiatives. Recipients are honored at University Commencement and at the Alumni Medalists Gala during Columbia Alumni Leaders Weekend. The following current and past Columbia SoCal leaders have received this distinct honor.

Rick Brous '58CC, '60BUS (2000)
Stuart Kricun '78CC (2001)
Anthony Agoni (2017)


Domestic winner and recipient of the CAA Regional Club Award of Excellence (2019)