Kundalini Yoga

We are all human beings.. individuals.. that hold within our core a shining soul with a consciousness that is luminous and which carries the experiences of God. Our souls are covered in personal karmas. The karmas come from past choices.. attachments.. and from actions NOT aligned with the collective totality of consciousness in mind. They are a result of dealing with the "finite" self and the ego.

By virtue of the gift of "free will".. we reserve the right to become as shrouded as we desire. We also have the opportunity out of compassion to be shaken and/or penetrated by some teacher or training. It is up to is if we choose to receive the shaking.. or to run and create more noise for ourselves.

Kundalini Yoga is extremely direct and quite royal. Those who are blessed to practice stand before the crystal of their consciousness under a tremendous pressure washer.. to remove the residues of past acts.. exposing their true Self.. their TRUE IDENTITY!!

Those who are called and make the commitment to Self will be given the choice to move higher in consciousness. What better gift to give to one's Self?!?? This is what we do each week.. and it is truly such a divine blessing to witness the powerful shifts in all those that continue to show up for themselves. Remember... we do this practice to have a better experience of OURSELVES!

What begins with awareness grows into experience.. and when we experience our true identity, our Sat Nam, our life changes. It is the finite merging with the infinite. Break the mold and access your more expansive, infinite self with “Soul-FULL-Sundays” at Indigo Yoga Lab. Each of us has a unique identity to add to the collective consciousness. As we learn to embrace each other’s differences, this energy becomes “synergy”… and it is this synergy that frees us from attachment, small mindedness and fear. Every-thing in this Universe is a co-creation.This class is designed to build community support, build meaningful relationship and encouragement to FULL-fill your dreams. Bring a brunch, snack or simply pick up a bite from Erewhon and join us in the park after each class to share the post class bliss.

All classes are energy-exchange based. Match your intention/blessing/prayer with a donation please.

March 29, 2015 at 10:00am - 11:30am

Indigo Lab Los Angeles

7466 Beverly Blvd
Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States
Kara Guilfoyle Karina Junker

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