baharak farzanmehr

Columbia University, MSW | Well-trained in Psychotherapy | Motivated to work as a Mental Health Clinical Practitioner

Throughout my academic career, I had always been certain to work towards assisting and empowering vulnerable population. I chose Psychology as my undergraduate degree at University of California, Irvine without thinking twice about it. I knew that a career in mental health services is my true calling all along!

Having immigrated to United States at the age of 16; following graduation from high school in Iran, I realized that our health, participated our mental health and wellbeing is significantly related to the environmental factors .

As a teengaer, all I needed was to be back to my country and be around my friends back home. Adjusting to my new life in the United States was no easy task and took a long time!
On the bright side, I was lucky enough to be supported by my family and that sense of security was crucial during that time.

As I slowly adjusted to my new life, I could not help but wonder how diffiuclt this transition could be for those who do not have the support that I did. This made me more interested in the importance of diversity and cultural differences.

My own life experiences coupled with various internships and volunteer positions that I have held through my academic life gave me a solid understanding of the ecological model of psychotherapy. This realization was one of the many factors that motivated me to attend Columbia School of Social Work. During this time, I was able to deepen my cultural competency by working within a wide range of communities in NYC.

As a social worker I am able to view societal issues from a global perspective and consider all aspects that influence our community.
I am particularly passionate and skilled to serve the vulnerable populations who have been
diagnosed with severe mental health disorders. I am excited to start making real changes in our community by assisting, empowering, advocating and assisting the vulnerable population.