baharak Farzanmehr, LMSW

Class of 2017
Columbia University, LMSW | Well-trained in Psychotherapy | Motivated to work as a Mental Health Clinical Practitioner

Throughout my academic and professional career, I had always been certain to work towards assisting and empowering vulnerable population. Choosing Clinical Social Work as my graduate degree was without a doubt the best academic decisions I have made. My experience at Columbia University truly molded my character and introduced me to many fields of work that I am truly passionate about. The program at Columbia combined internships and academic work in the most ideal way to teach us how the environmental, genetic, social, and cultural factors impact the health and well-being of individuals. What I admire most about my experience at Columbia School of Social Work is the importance of understanding human behavior and mental health in a universal manner. As a social worker, I now better understand how environmental, social, cultural, political, economical and economical factors are vital aspects of human need. As a social worker, I am devoted to help those in need in an all-inclusive manner; in which one's environment ameliorate health and well-being.  


I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Social Behavior from University of California, Irvine. During this time, I has the honor to be an Americorps team member; working at preschools located in lower income communities. Most of the children grew up in spanish speaking communities and were not able to speak english very well. Our goal was to work with children and their families and prepare them to have an easier adjustment to cultural and language skills needed for children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Additionally I took part in research projects lead by one of the most notable professors at UCI; Dr. Maddi, on topics such as addictive behaviors and ways to overcome these habits.  

Having immigrated to United States at the age of 16; following graduation from high school in Iran, I realized that our health, participated our mental health and wellbeing is significantly related to the environmental factors

As I slowly adjusted to my new life, I could not help but wonder how difficult this transition could be for those who do not have the support that I did. This made me more interested in the importance of diversity and cultural differences.My own life experiences, coupled with various internships and volunteer positions that I have held through my academic life gave me a solid understanding of the ecological model of psychotherapy.

I am particularly passionate to serve communities that suffer from severe mental health vulnerabilities in conjunction with  socio-economic disadvantages . I look forward to impact the lives of many people in need by assisting, empowering, and advocating for them on both micro and macro levels.