Welcome to the Columbia Alumni Association of Southern California, Inc. - From our President

  Joshua Berman  

From our President

Welcome to the Columbia University Alumni Association of Southern California!

Our Club's goal is to create a vibrant community of Columbians in Southern California. I invite you to attend our events, become a member and join our community.

There are two ways to become a part of our organization, and I invite you to take advantage of both:

1) Free Registration, which puts you on our mailing list to receive notice of upcoming events, and enables you to register for events using the Website.

2) Paid Membership, for as low as $15 a year, which includes all the free registration benefits plus gives you access to restricted areas of the Website including the Alumni Directory and Job Board, discounts to our events, other discounts with partner organizations, and admission to member-only events.

Please join us!

Joshua Berman, '95 GS, '95 JTS


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