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This event is not sponsored by CUAASC.  It is posted here as a courtesy to the Harvard Business School club because we believe it may be of interest to our Orange County and Business School members.

The Harvard Business School
Association of Orange County

is pleased to invite you to

Treasures from Shanghai: 5000 Years of Chinese Art
and Culture will feature 77 sets of objects from
Neolithic time (circa 3000 B.C.) to Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.).

A PRIVATE VIEWING at the Bowers Museum celebrating the new
state-of-the-art Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing.


This incredible collection portrays the evolution of Chinese technology, art and culture utilizing the finest examples of bronze vessels, oracle bones, polychrome potteries, sculptures, porcelains, paintings, jade/bamboo carvings and lacquer works. The exhibit is sponsored by John and Mary Tu.


Exquisite hors-d'oeuvres & networking at the elegant Tangata Restaurant

Informative presentation by expert docent, Bill Trammell

PRIVATE viewing of the fabulous exhibition
(an optional audio tour will be available).

The Shanghai Museum, one of China’s most important museums of ancient Chinese art, features a collection of over 120,000 pieces of cultural relics. Founded in 1952, the museum, now located in People’s Square since 1996, is a repository for 5000 years of history and tradition. The museum’s bronze, ceramic, painting and calligraphy collections are among the finest in the world and the range of its collections is unparalleled. Its curators and research specialists are among the leading authorities in their fields. The museum has world-class programs in archaeology, publishing, museum education and international scholarship. It houses the Min Chiu Research Library, the B.Y. Lam Research Room for the restoration of paintings and calligraphy, and the Laboratory for Scientific Conservation of Cultural Relics. Committed to bringing significant international exhibitions to a broader audience, the Shanghai Museum has the most active worldwide loan program than any museum in China.

This exhibit will showcase its vast collection of Chinese art and culture dating from the Xia period through the Qing Dynasty, and in various categories including bronze, ceramics, jade, lacquer wares, agate, metal woks, bamboo carvings, jadeite, as well as painting and calligraphy. The choices of the 77 sets of artifacts was made by Shanghai Museum Deputy Director, Chen Kelun, and Bowers Museum President, Peter Keller. Kelun will also curate the Shanghai exhibit and the permanent Chinese exhibit that will take its place after August 2007 in the East West Bank Gallery.

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Location: Bowers Museum, 2002 North Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92706


March 15, 2007, Treasures from Shanghai
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