Welcome to the Columbia Alumni Association of Southern California, Inc. - GARDEN PARTY



A warm welcome for in-coming freshmen and their parents, courtesy of CUAASC.

The VENUE has CHANGED! For the new location in Brentwood, please see notes at bottom of this page.

There will be plenty of food and drinks for everyone!
Time: 4 PM to 6:30 PM

$35 for members and their guests
$22.50 for recent alumni, 2001 and after;
senior alumni, 1956 and before.
$45 for non-members and their guests

RSVP here or please send checks to: Helen Wittner, 11455 Woodbine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90066 by Monday, August 7th, please!

This event is free to all incoming freshmen and their parents/guests. Please RSVP to Helen Wittner at: [email protected]

For locations & directions to the party send email to
[email protected] , or call Helen Wittner at
(866) 856-5789

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